Deployment Christmas

10 Dec


Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year. I enjoy everything about the season. Most years I can’t even contain my excitement! The tree flies up the day after Thanksgiving and the music is constantly on. I live and breathe Christmas!

This year though…I’m finding it almost painful to hear a single song. I haven’t even been pestering my parents to put up the tree. I’m having a real difficult time “getting into the spirit”. I think part of it is the fact that I’m not at my own home, because Royal and I are staying with my parents during the deployment, but the main reason is that Scott isn’t here.

Every joyful part of this holiday is about being with those you love and sharing in traditions. Since I was 16 Scott has always been a huge part of those traditions and the love I feel during Christmas. It doesn’t feel right decorating a tree or looking at lights without him here.

Of course I am LOVING that I get to share this holiday with my son! I can’t believe I finally have a child of my own to share the magic with, but then in the back of my mind I can’t shake the realization that Scott is missing out on this too. Gives you a guilty feeling knowing you are getting to soak it all in while he’s in a far off country far from family and close friends. I’m so proud of my husband and I’m amazed by the strength he has.

I know that he wants me to enjoy the season but it’s more than hard without him here!

I’m praying that as Christmas gets closer I will get more excited, but until then I’m focusing on the things I am excited for! I can’t wait for Royal to see his first Christmas tree and to see the wonder on his face when he gets to eat all the wrapping paper. I loved taking him to see Santa. Even though I never had Santa growing up it was fun to take Royal, in honor of Scott, and to send the pictures to Scott in Afghanistan. His Daddy got a kick out of them and I know it helped him feel a bit more at home. Royal loved seeing Santa and amazingly resisted the urge to pull his beard. (Haha.)

I’m going to do my best to focus on the good and on the whole reason for this season which is Christ being born! Thank you God for sending your son!

Merry Christmas everyone!!





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