First care package.

29 Nov

I’m feeling pretty down this month missing the hubster so instead of boring you all with a sad sappy blog I’m just going to to show you the Thanksgiving care package I sent to Scott in Afghanistan.

I first started out decorating the box in a festive way, and of course I decided on a silly turkey!

carepackage 011I used brown craft paper to cover the top and bottom white box flaps. For the top flap I cut out a beak and wattle then attached large googly craft eyes, and for the bottom flap I cut out little legs and feet and made a Thanksgiving “sign”. My next step was to cover the side flaps with little feather cut outs and layer them on top of each other. I’m pretty pleased with the turn out because it makes me giggle and that’s what I wanted Scott’s reaction to be as well.

I wanted to do a theme with the box so I chose “Thanksgiving dinner”. I had a blast shopping for things that would fit the theme in a clever way.

carepackage 009Sunflower seeds: to munch on until dinner (Anyone who knows Scott knows how much he loves sunflower seeds so of course I had to find a way to incorporate that into the box.)
Milk Duds: to remind you of your little man. (We nicknamed our son Milk Dud because of his love for milk. haha)
Red Hots: To remind you of your smoking hot wife who misses you! (hehe)

carepackage 006

Turkey Jerky: turkey (well done)
Loaded Baked Potato Pringles: a side dish.
Cola Gummies: your beverage
Free Birds DVD: Entertainment when you’re full of turkey!
Cigars: Tobacco to honor our Native American neighbors. (Match books too.)

carepackage 004Boston Cream Pie Milano cookies: Pie for dessert! Yummm!
Funnyuns: green bean casserole without the green beans ;)
Caramel Apple Suckers: just cause
Gum and his favorite kind of mints: Fresh breath for company.
Candy Corn: your vegetable ;) Ps: ew!
Toy Football: Thanksgiving football anyone?!

So there’s my box!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

carepackage 012




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