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Kitchen Facelift.

16 Feb

IMG_6891 2If ever you are in the place of wanting to redo your kitchen make sure you know what you’re getting into! If anyone tells you that redoing your kitchen will be “easy” or “not that bad” those people are in fact liars. The people who tell you “it’s awful but it will be worth it” know that you can trust them because they’re speaking truth! Frequently throughout the job Scott and I would look at each other and ask “Why didn’t we hire someone?!” This kitchen project has been a true pain but we couldn’t be more proud or thrilled with the turn out of our hard work!

Scott is a true champ!! This project wouldn’t have even gotten off the ground if it wasn’t for him and his 1: vast love for me and the desire to make me happy 2: handyman ways. I’m seriously so thankful for the man God chose for me! This is just one of the many ways he enriches my life.IMG_5816In the before photo you’ll notice that we had half white appliances and half stainless so we knew we would need to get them switched to one or the other. We’ve been shopping for the stainless appliances since we moved in. Scott remembered that I’ve ALWAYS wanted a double oven and found this beauty on Facebook marketplace. (I think it’s adorable that he remembered that about me.) It did not disappoint! I love the top oven because most times I’m only cooking a one pan meal and because of it’s small size it heats up crazy fast! I love being able to use both ovens during the holidays, when you need to cook many things and at different temps, or when you’re making cookies so you can bake a whole batch all at once! It’s kinda my favorite, but I’ll stop rambling on about it. Lastly we found our fridge and now it all matches! Phew!
Alright, enough about boring appliances let’s move on to the renovations!!

The first thing we had to take on were the cabinets. Sanding for days. Painting for days. That about sums up the torture.
I would definitely say this was the most time consuming aspect of the project. We decided to sand the cabinets because we plan to live here FOREVER so we wanted them to be long lasting and sanding is the best way to ensure that happens. Scott was in sanding hell and our garage is now completely covered in a nice layer of sawdust. Oh well! That’s one downside of doing this project during the colder months of the year. I didn’t want him out in the yard freezing on top of the torture of sanding, but he got lucky for the bottom cabinets with warmer weather so he sanded those outdoors. He sanded while I painted. I ended up having to do 3 coats on the white cabinets and 2 coats on the mint island. If I ever have to paint again in my entire life it would be too soon! (It will happen…just let me talk a big game.)

After the cabinet doors and frames were painted Scott added crown molding to the top of the cabinets and bead-board to the sides. I LOVE the finished look! Really ups the style and adds more interest to the basic cabinets we had before. This was a huge learning experience for Scott as he’d never done crown molding before. Thankfully my father-in-law was willing to lend his skill and experience and he walked Scott through it. I think they both enjoyed working together on this project. I just sat back and listened to them joke and laugh and it brought a smile to my face. It might have been frustrating at times but Scott will always have memories of working on it with his dad which I think is sweet.

Scott then added hardware to all of the cabinets and drawers. We chose square brushed stainless pulls for the cabinets and brushed stainless handles for the drawers. Talk about upgrade!!!! Crazy how much this changed the look.

While we waited for the next step in our remodel we swapped out the light fixture above our kitchen table. I think it creates a cute retro diner look and you all know what a sucker I am for retro vibes.

We were put on pause for about a week while we waited for our counters to be finished and installed. Both Scott and I hate half finished projects so this made us twitch a bit. (Haha.) The island was in a strange in between stage because we didn’t want to add the bead-board until we were sure where the counters would hit. Scott was gearing to go but I didn’t want him to have to redo his work if it didn’t line up properly. I was right, because he would have needed to had he proceeded.

We originally wanted granite counter tops but we were having a hard time finding exactly what we had in mind. We wanted white with some sparkle and maybe even some subtle teal color. When we expressed this to one of the guys at a granite place he immediately said “you need to look at one of our Quartz samples.” HE NAILED IT!!!!! He placed that little square in my hand and both of us knew that was it! It was EVERYTHING we wanted! White background, sea-glass teal color throughout, and SPARKLE!!! We immediately got a quote and put down our deposit. Such a relief!! Picking counters is super stressful because it’s probably the most important and used part of your kitchen. We were thankful to have all the deciding behind us!

We used Quartz Worx and can’t say enough good about them! They were quick and professional and the instal was so fast! The whole experience was pleasant and how often can one say that?! We love our counters! I woke up the next day and thought I only had dreamed about having them! Nope! It’s real and I’m so happy about them! They perfectly match the white cabinets and gorgeously pop with the mint island. I could go on and on. I only wish the pictures did them justice because I haven’t been able to capture the sparkle. The little girl in me is giddy about all the sparkle! (Haha.)

Another switch we made was going from a two sided sink to a single! We were a little nervous about making the change because we liked having the organization aspect while doing dishes, but honestly we have really enjoyed having the one big space! I washed 3 large pots in there at the same time! WHAT?! The reason we switched was purely from a cosmetic stance but honestly it’s also become a practical one. I’d recommend it if you’re on the fence!

Once the counters were in we were again full speed ahead! The bead-board and trim went on the island and I was able to finish up painting! With that….we were done!!….Wellllllll…close!

Now enters backsplash! Of course I couldn’t choose an easy porcelain tile…nope…I fell in love with these gorgeous teal glass tiles. This definitely made the project a challenge. A challenge on top of our zero experience with tile. I was honestly dreading getting to this part in our kitchen, because I just knew it would be the most difficult for us. I was completely right. Scott rented a wet saw from our local ACE Hardware because a regular tile cutter would shatter the glass. I’m sorry Scott. I love you!! Even with the wet saw it was a massive pain but Scott stuck to it. Every time a tile would shatter we would both flinch because those things aren’t cheap. He cut the tiles and I glued them and got the spacing right. Then he grouted and we both wiped after it had set. The more we wiped the more frustrated we got because the glass continued to have a “foggy” appearance. We looked online and saw one lady used baby wipes to get rid of the last of the fog so we dove into Haven’s diaper bag, used up all of those, and then had to sneak into her room for more at 11:45 pm. It was making me giggle because of how well they worked. Who would have guessed?! We then waited 3 days to make sure the grout was fully dried and then sealed the grout and put a silicone strip between the tile and the counter.

Our old counters had a lip so when we removed them there was about a 5″ strip above the counters where the paint didn’t match.  Home Depot matched the color for us and I painted the areas where we didn’t put backsplash. Then FINALLY we were done!!!!!!

I was a long month of hard work but I finally have my dream kitchen and I know we will enjoy it for many years to come!! I’m so thankful that we were able to finish it before Scott returned to work because I couldn’t imagine sitting around looking at an unfinished kitchen for 3 months. Stresses me out just thinking about it! (Haha.)

We wanted to tackle the kitchen first because we knew it would be our biggest home project and all the others would seem easy from here on out! So here’s to being done with our kitchen and dreaming up our next set of home improvements to be continued when Scott returns home! I’m sure he can’t wait! ;) CHEERS!



Dining and Formal Living Area

24 Jan

We started a kitchen facelift on the first of January so while we’re on pause, waiting for counters to be installed, I need to focus on an area in our house that is complete! We have all the cabinets painted and hung, crown molding attached, hardware has been added, counters are scheduled for install on the 30th, then we need to finish up bead-board on the island and do backslash! We’re so close that I’m impatient! I can’t wait to have it complete!!

Anyone who knows me knows how much I hate half done projects, so distraction here we go…

All my life, since I was a little girl, I dreamed of having a formal dining room. The old lady in me loves china and pretty place settings, so the thought of having a space inside my own house for that purpose always made me giddy! I think the idea came to me from playing countless hours in my Grandpa’s dining room. It was so glamorous with it’s huge crystal chandelier and the giant dining table, with so many chairs, I was mesmerized. Of course my dining room is a different style, but it still gives me the same warm feelings I remember as a child. I honestly never thought we would have one, but when we toured this house it was one of the things that made me love this home so much!

When the movers came they put most of the boxes in this space of the dining/formal living room because we didn’t have any furniture for these rooms yet. It kept everything out of the way while I unpacked all 7,500 pounds of our junk. Once all of the boxes were cleared I immediately began planning decor and furniture for these spaces.img_4070DINING ROOM: First of all I HAD to find an amazingly large dining room table and chairs that I loved. I wanted them to be vintage and interesting. They don’t make tables like they used to and I needed something sturdy that will last us our lifetime. Since living in Florida I’ve followed this amazing furniture refinisher here in Grand Junction. I’ve drooled over her amazing furniture transformations and knew I would forever regret it if I didn’t reach out to her first. Danielle just so happened to have the PERFECT table (from the 1800’s) and chairs in her project pile. She told me her ideas for them, which I loved, and I was able to help pick out the fabrics for the chairs. I love it more than I can express! The table sits 10 and I adore it’s double legs on each corner. I’ve never seen anything like that before! Definitely checks the unique box!

Danielle even created a custom table runner for me, because I couldn’t find one long enough, and it was a fabric I couldn’t live without! We had debated putting it on the chairs but….kids. White and kids don’t mix! This was such a good compromise to still be able to incorporate it! I’m so happy with the complete look! Thank you Soulful Collections!

Before we moved from Florida I found this amazing china hutch from a wonderful couple who was trying to downsize. Everyone thought I was crazy buying such a big piece of furniture right before our move, but I knew I would never find anything I liked quite as much again. I’m so thankful I snagged it while I could! It matches my china so well.img_5305I finished up the room with prints of a spoon and fork patent. I thought it was a cute nod to dining with a vintage vibe. I also found a large “gather” sign to complete the look. I wanted to keep the decor in here simple.img_5300People always told me I would never use a dining room, when I expressed my desire to someday have one, but I’ll tell you what…we do! We celebrated our first major holiday here in this room. We had space for all of our family and it swelled my heart to see us all together sharing a meal. THIS is what we’d been missing in Florida. Family all together and to host in our new home blessed me completely! For everyday use, I love to sit at the table with my laptop and blog or even pay bills. Sometimes we bring our fast food bags in there and pig out. I want to be in there as much as possible. Who says you can’t use it every day? I’m proving all those people wrong.

FORMAL LIVING ROOM: Attached to the dining room is our “Formal Living Room”. We call it the “Front Room” because although that’s the correct listing term it just sounds so silly when you say it. (Haha.) First thing I found was the navy blue couch. Um, did you know you can order a couch off of Amazon? I didn’t either, but when your husband is working out of the country and you don’t have a good way of picking up a large couch this was a heaven sent!! They delivered it right to our house! I love Amazon! Then I found these adorable hummingbird prints and worked my color theme off of that. Pillows and blanket are all from Amazon. The gray coffee table is another piece from Soulful Collections. All the decor on the coffee table was found at Pier 1. Gray chairs were ordered from Target. The “Let’s Stay Home” sign speaks so fully to my introvert soul! My favorite place on earth to be is my home so I knew it needed to come live with me when I found it.

The natural lighting in there is so good. It brings me joy to sit in the warmth of the sun either reading or just plain relaxing. But, my very favorite thing about this space is sitting in a chair watching the kids in their playroom while listening to my records. They love dragging their toys in and jamming out to The Beatles with me. This was a space I never anticipated loving so much.img_6718When Scott was home the first time he hung the curtains that I purchased on Amazon. I chose the same curtains for both the Dining and Front Room so that the two spaces flowed together well. When Scott came home in December we hung the light fixture which was also found on Amazon. It was a pain in the tush to hang but boy was it worth it! The exact look I was hoping for was achieved. The fixture is the cherry on top! The final step to completing the space.img_5295Hopefully the next time I’m blogging will be about our kitchen redo! It’s turning out just how I hoped it would and I can’t wait to share the finished look with you all!




Playroom decor.

5 Nov

I try to save a bunch of projects to do while Scott is away to help make the time go by more quickly. One of those projects, I had saved for this rotation, was decorating the playroom. I wanted a fun space that gives my kiddos a place to imagine and create. Also I wanted something pretty on the walls to distract from the giant mess this room turns into daily! (Haha.)
I’ve been so looking forward to putting this room together and I am thrilled with the turn out. I love when my planning turns out the way I had envisioned! You win some you lose some, but this was one of the wins.
Eventually we’ll paint in here but I’m not sure what color yet and I’m kind of digging the white walls throughout the house. Our last house was extremely dark so “the brighter the better” is my current motto!IMG_0599IMG_0525IMG_0524The first thing I found for the playroom was this adorable Toucan eating Froot Loops. Nothing screams childhood like a big bowl of sugary cereal! Whenever I see Froot Loops it takes me back to all the spring breaks we spent at my Grandpa’s farm growing up. Those are some of my very favorite memories, so the Froot Loop Toucan became the foundation to my design for the playroom. I then found two similar prints of animals that I thought added to the fun of the room. I love the flamingo on a matching pink skateboard and the giraffe blowing a bubble cracks me up every time I see it. I found all three prints on Fy!IMG_0530Anyone who knows me or my home decor knows I love Norman Rockwell’s art. I have quite a few prints of his work throughout my house. I have both a son and a daughter so I was trying to think of a good way to represent them both in the room, then I remembered two of my favorite pieces by Rockwell: “A day in the life of a boy” and “A day in the life of a girl.” They’re such cute pieces documenting a full day for both a girl and a boy. I love them…so I found the prints on eBay and placed one on each side of the window.

The second thing I found for the playroom, that I knew was NEEDED, were these adorable colorful pom-pom curtains! They tie in so well with the Froot Loop colors and I have more “adult” pom-pom edged curtains in our formal living, dining, and family room so anytime I can sneak in a subtle theme I jump on it! Plus they add such an element of fun!
IMG_0529I loved the pom-pom curtains but needed to find a way to carry that on in another area of the room. I came up with the idea of large letters spelling out “PLAY” for above the doorway and I covered them with colored pom-poms! Problem solved!
Bonus: it was a quick and fun DIY project too!
Last but certainly not least came one of my very favorite things in the playroom. I’ve always wanted a place for my kids to show off their art so this “Look what I made” board (Created by: CreativeWoodNThings) was PERFECT!!! I love when Royal creates something and although hanging it on the fridge with magnets easily does the trick I wanted somewhere a little more special to display his creations. The pride written all over Royal’s face, while he chose and then hung the pictures on the clips, made me confident that this board exceeded every expectation I had for it!
So, there’s the tour! I hope you enjoyed following my thought process behind the design. The kids love their playroom…but…let’s be honest they were loving it even before the decor. I’m happy with the finished look and they’re just happy to have a room completely dedicated to toys and play! Everyone wins!!

Update 11/8:  I just had to add in these adorable lockers that I found at Hobby Lobby!
Royal puts his backpack and other school stuff in the top locker and I put his crafting supplies in the bottom lockers. Organization that’s cute! Yes!!

Haven’s Nursery.

24 Jan

The day after we got home from Colorado I switched Haven into her own room and immediately she began sleeping through the night. (Go figure.) Before this she would only go 2 hours tops between wake ups and this mommy was pooped! Sleep is a glorious thing and I had begun to forget what being rested even felt like after 7 months of not experiencing it.

So, in celebration of these two wonderfully big milestones I figured I would share her nursery photos and the details behind the decor! I loved putting this room together for our girl and I hope it’s a theme she will enjoy for many years to come.

Enjoy the tour!

The first thing I found, that I knew I needed, was this custom painted wood sign with the quote “In a field of roses she is a wildflower.” Something about it just stuck with me so I began planning a floral nursery, but I felt the theme was lacking. I then stumbled upon the most precious watercolor fawn with flowers on it’s head and that was it!! I was in love and purchased it immediately! These two pieces inspired the rest of her nursery!

I finished up this wall with embroidery hoops that I painted gray. The top hoop is just a simple fabric, the middle I cut out fabric hearts and stitched them onto white fabric to give the appearance of them hanging on a clothes line, and the final hoop holds a cute “hello, doe” fabric. I also found an adorable changing pad cover, that fit the theme perfectly, on Etsy.

The easiest part of Haven’s nursery was this wall. I had these awesome water color flowers from when her room was the guest room and I still just love them so I decided to in-cooperate them. Once Haven had her newborn photos taken I knew this photo would be turned into a canvas and would hang between the two flower canvases. Easy!!
I was immediately drawn to the pixelated flower print of her bedding. It’s pretty but fun at the same time. (Bedding found on Etsy and the rug is from Target.) My friend Ashley had the quilt made for Haven in the colors and theme of her nursery and it has a patch inside that reads “PaPa’s Little Angel” in honor of my Dad who passed away. It makes me smile every time I wrap her in it.

This wall is probably my favorite and also took the most of my time with finding each piece. That little fawn holds my heart!! It’s just so precious! I found her on Etsy. I also found these gorgeous embroidered flowers from a wonderfully talented woman in Australia. When the piece showed up it was smaller than I had anticipated so I then found this frame in the most unlikely of places *cough* Walmart *cough again* (haha) and I distressed it with paint and sand paper to have it blend in with the other frames. I am happy with the turn out even though it wasn’t initially what I had planned. Another favorite of mine is this custom designed Bible quote of the verse that inspired Haven’s name. It’s pretty and means so much to us. (This was designed by a woman I found on Etsy as well.) The bookcase has been fun to fill with cute little nic-nacs. On top the vases and their wooden holder (Etsy) are filled with artificial flower leftovers from another nursery project and the little antique deer were (as I’m sure you can already guess)…found on Etsy. (Haha.) I’m still working on a few other things for the bookcase but it works for now.

I wanted to keep this wall simple so I stuck to a framed “H” of flowers. I made it from a cardboard letter that I cut the top off of then painted white and then artificial flowers placed inside and fastened with hot glue. I got everything from our local craft store. It was a fun afternoon project. The way I got the frame is a long and sad story, but the short version is I was having a major case of pregnancy brain and shattered the glass while trying to frame the fawn. I had to purchase a whole other frame but….I was able to re-purpose the broken one here, so it ended not as sadly as it began. I also was able to re-purpose this cute teal cart and baskets from our guest room. Instead of holding towels and bathroom products it now holds bows and blankets. I think that’s an upgrade! My friend Beckey gave me this adorable vintage lamp which I was giddy to notice matched the vintage deer on the bookcase. My talented cousin Allison made the cute mermaid doll for Haven. Girl stuff is so much fun, but I went with solid navy curtains to tone down all the girly florals and bright colors.

Alright, I have to take back what I said about the wall above the crib being the easiest wall space…this actually was because I literally didn’t do anything but print off a canvas from Haven’s newborn session and my friend Danielle gifted us the Bible verse wood art. So, I’m taking no credit for this one besides hanging them up.

There you have it!! I hope you enjoyed touring Haven’s nursery as much as I enjoyed putting it together! Nurseries are such a labor of love and I hope she feels the love in every detail. I was blessed to do this for my sweet daughter.IMG_7930IMG_7926IMG_7954IMG_7965

Project patio.

29 Jul

When we first moved to Florida we realized you can’t really enjoy being outdoors. The bugs are TERRIBLE year round! In our first home we constantly talked about how we would love to have a Florida Room (that’s what they call screened in porches here). When we decided to move it was the top thing on our list along with a large backyard. We hit the jackpot with our new home because it has BOTH! The minute I knew we would finally be getting our Florida Room my mind started spinning with plans! We waited until we were completely moved in, and the last box was unpacked, and then we started the building of our patio set.

I will admit, I was maybe a little optimistic on how easy it would be…nope… I first spent DAYS searching the internet for the cushions that would fit the dimensions of the chairs. The cushions also served as a great motivator to finish the project, because we kept staring at a huge pile of pillows knowing they needed a place. We then spent every weekend for two months building this together! Scott cut and sanded, and I brought him the wood and organized it. Then we built each chair during Royal’s nap-times.

Once they were all completely built we stained and used top coat on each. I’m so glad we did the sanding before we built them because it made the staining process that much easier. We started with a darker stain and we HATED it. We lost a chair to that but we figured it was better to rebuild one chair than to hate all of them. We finally found the perfect stain and busted them out! Phew!

The building plan we used also had a table plan, but at that point we were so over the project and I had the idea to get a statement piece for the coffee table. I got my mind set on an antique trunk and the search began!! We spent a full day antiquing and couldn’t find one that we loved. All I found was an antique peacock that matched the pillows I had purchased. I laughed because I got something to go on top of the trunk but we didn’t have one yet. I felt defeated and it looked like we would have to build the table after all. I then jumped on craigslist and there it was…the perfect antique steamer trunk!! I loved it and immediately had Scott go pick it up! The trunk was just what the patio needed to really “pop!” It’s my most adored part of the whole set.

This is my favorite place in the whole house now. I spend the mornings out there reading my Bible and drinking coffee while Royal and the dog play in the yard. It’s like a piece of heaven to me. One of the best things is lounging on the patio set and watching the rain during a storm. It’s also the perfect entertaining space. You can find us out there most nights, with our friends, just laughing and enjoying great conversation. Best part…no bugs!!!

IMG_2631IMG_2643IMG_2645I’m so glad we never gave up on this project because it’s the room that makes me love my home the most!

IMG_2617“My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest.”      -Isaiah 32:8