Air Force Graduation.

20 Aug

Disclaimer: I amaze myself sometimes, not in a positive way. I go from one extreme to another with this blogging. I either don’t blog because I have nothing interesting going on to post about, or I don’t blog because I can’t find the time because I have so much going on. AH! No happy medium with this girl. So, here is the blog I owe on Scott’s graduation even though it’s about 3 weeks overdue. Woops.

August 1st, the day I’d been waiting for, was finally here! It was time to jump on a plane! Traveling was easy and pain free until we landed in San Antonio and there was a bomb threat in the terminal. They kept us on the tarmac for 1.5 hours while they secured the airport. Talk about a buzz kill. All this build up to finally be there and you’re stuck on a plane with 100 sweaty people with no estimate of how long you’d be trapped. One up side to sitting there for that period of time Scott got a little free time and was able to call so I was able to tell him we were almost safely there. It was an amazing feeling to know I was only miles away from him verses the hundreds of miles that had been separating us. He said goodbye and we were finally able to exit about 10 minutes after. Thank goodness that trial was over!

We found Starbucks and then set out to find our rental car and hotel. It was good to finally be able to relax at the hotel after a day of travel. I knew I wouldn’t be sleeping well that night with the anticipation of seeing Scott the next morning. AHH! I was like a small child on Christmas eve, much too excited to sleep for fear that I may miss out on something wonderful. I’ll never forget those nerves I felt.

Thursday morning arrived and the nerves hit even harder!!! I was a wreck. I cried over my hair like the girly girl I am. I wanted to look fantastic but the humid San Antonio weather was my worst enemy. I laugh looking back on that morning because I made such a big deal out of such a small thing. Scott didn’t care, why would he?! [haha.] Finally we got in the car and I forced myself to calm down because my anxiety was sky high! My emotions sat comfortably between bursting into tears or jumping up and down in excitement. I’ve never had such turmoil inside my core.

The first activity of BMT (Basic Military Training) Graduation is the Airman’s run! OH MY! How fun!! All the family and friends of the graduating Airmen stand on both sides of this road and cheer on their loved one. It’s the first time you will see them if you’re lucky enough to spot them running by. Lucky for me, my mother has a Scott radar and she found him before I did. It was so exciting to see him even if he wasn’t able to see us. (He says he THINKS he saw us cheering, but who really knows?) Here is a picture and video of him running by. In the video his flight runs by at 2 mins 40 secs. Try to find him. ;]

After the Airman’s run we walked to the grounds where they do the coin ceremony. This was HOTTTTTT and they made us wait in the sun for an hour. I think all of my cuteness melted off my face while I sat there. At that point I didn’t care, I just wanted to see my man! All my nerves had turned into excitement! I was also excited because I finally met Francesca at the Airman’s run. We have stayed in contact and helped each other through this whole experience. It was amazing to finally sit next to her as we waited impatiently to see our husbands.

The coin ceremony is a tradition that marks the trainees becoming official Airmen as the coin is put into their hands. It was emotional to watch and of course I cried some more. I was so blessed watching with such pride in my husband. In the video Scott receives his coin at 1 minute. He is third from the right in the back row. :] (Forgive me cutting his head off when I started cheering.)

After the coin ceremony we were able to “tap them out”. This means that the men have to stay at attention until someone runs up and hugs them or shakes their hand. Some Airmen have no family to tap them out so you have to keep your eye out for them so they aren’t left standing there. Breaks my heart to think of it.

I was sooo excited to find him! I was pretty sure I knew where he was but I wasn’t certain from the back side. If you watch the video closely you can see me check his name tape before jumping on him, just to make sure it said “Dearborn”. I didn’t want to jump on a stranger. [haha.] This is by far one of the top 3 moments of my life!!! It was perfect and I’m so glad that my mom video taped it because it’s something we will enjoy remembering and watching for the rest of our lives!

Scott was then able to have some free time on base. It was fun having him show us around and he was thankful for the down time. We spent the day taking pictures and enjoying things he missed like soda, gum, subway, and other treats.

In the afternoon my dad and brother joined us and spent some time shopping with us as the BX, which is a small mall on base. Due to the joy of traveling troubles Scott’s family wasn’t able to get to the base till dinner time. Here is the video of them seeing Scotty for the first time.

At 7 we had to drop Scott back to his dorm for his curfew. That was the end of Thursday for us all and we awaited seeing him again after his graduation on Friday. We all went back to our hotel and had pie at a nearby restaurant.

Friday morning we all had to get up early to catch the shuttle to the graduation grounds. Luckily our seats were shaded because it was once again really hot and sunny. If you ever have the chance to see one of these graduations DO IT! It’s wonderful and makes you feel so patriotic! Scott’s flight is the grouping right below the American Flag.

He is the fellow marching 4th back, closest to us.

We then went to find him and “tap him out” again. I asked Karen if she wanted to do it because I had done it the day before. She took full advantage of her power and kept teasing him with lots of pictures while he was frozen. I was able to tap out an Airman who didn’t have any family. I was happy to do it and he thanked me later that day for “unfreezing” him.

Here Scotty is showing off his Marksman ribbon.

Then of course we had to do the family picture thing.

We then rode back to Scott’s dorm where he had to have a briefing before he was free to go off base for the first time in 2 months!! Here he is with some of the guys in his flight. They have their “tough guy” looks on. [haha.]

Scott chose to have his first meal of freedom at Cracker Barrel. He’s holding a huge bag of candy that his sister blessed him with. He got VERY spoiled that weekend. He milked it for all it was worth.

After lunch we went back to the hotel to rest up. He was thrilled to just take a nap and watch some Olympics. After he was rested we went to the mall to kill some time before the baseball game we attended. The deal was that if Scott went to this baseball game he was able to stay out until 11 verses the 8 o’clock curfew he was scheduled for. We jumped at that opportunity! Here are a few pictures from us goofing around at the game.

On Saturday we decided to adventure out to the river walk and to see the Alamo. If you’re in San Antonio please don’t miss out on either of these tourist attractions. The river walk is beautiful and the Alamo is such a big part of our American history.

We even took the boat tour.

Sunday was the last day and Scott had to stay on base. We only had till 3 with him so we shopped at the BX for things he needed for tech school and ate at the pizza joint on base. It was a hard day and Scott had a hard time focusing on anything other than the fact we were all leaving soon. Here we are putting on our brave faces.

All too soon it was time to say goodbye. Talk about a small taste of Heaven being ripped away from you. My heart broke as I saw the tears fill his eyes. Before we started the waterworks we squeezed in a picture together and he got a few pictures with 2 of of his buddies in his flight.

The trip was short, but boy was it sweet! These are the moments that make the waiting and tears so worth it! I cling to the time we get to spend together and never take those moments for granted. Looks like there are quite a few months more of being apart but I know we can make it through. I get to see him in 10 days! I can’t wait to hop on another plane on my way to him! I miss him something terrible but the phone calls, texts, and skype dates make it 212323453 times better than Basic Training! So glad to be done with that chapter in our life! I’m so proud of my husband and I can’t wait to be with him again!


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  1. Ann Maloney August 21, 2012 at 9:32 am #

    Alyssa, Wow!! What a presentation you put together!! Impressive!! You really did a good job of representing our time in San Antonio with Scott!! That was a beautiful memory! We are ALL so proud of Scott and his service!! Praise the Lord for helping him through basic training and for encouraging you!! love, in Christ Jesus, Mom

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