September: the month of travels.

27 Sep

September has been a blur of time spent in airports, cars, packing, and unpacking. I can honestly say that I will not miss living out of my suitcase.

I brought in September in San Antonio Texas. I love love love love that city! I don’t necessarily love the traffic but the city is well kept and the people are friendly. There is so much to do and the Air Force base is huge and really beautiful. Scott had amazing friends there that were very welcoming and I felt like we’d been friends with them for years upon years. One of the best things about military life, that I have discovered, is you have an instant connection with everyone in this lifestyle. You see them as your lifeline, someone to relate with. We’re all in the same boat and we have to make the best of it. When I see Scott making these amazing friendships it just furthers my faith in the fact that we’re precisely where we are meant to be. God is good to us!

When I got back to Grand Junction I was able to take a break from travels for a week and a half and then I packed my suitcase for a trip to Denver. My parents and I went up to see my brother for his 22nd birthday. I hate hate hate hate hate that 4 hour drive! It seems like so much longer and I am always anxious to see David (my brother). We had such a good time seeing him and celebrating with his girlfriend and his roommates. We also had the “privilege” of going to see the mineral museum. (Please notice the sarcasm dripping from that last sentence.) The only minerals I like come in jewelry form. ;] All the same, we had a wonderful weekend and I already miss my brother.

We got home again to Grand Junction and I started packing my bags for yet another trip on the upcoming weekend. Soon after I left San Antonio Scott was moved to his next tech school in San Angelo, Texas. We were both sad to see him move but we have to see it as the next step bringing us together. Once this tech school is over we will get our first duty station assignment and we will live together again. PRAISE GOD!!! We still have a bit of a wait as he still hasn’t started his classes here but patience is key.

Scott really wanted me to come for his birthday as it will be the first birthday he has had away from home. I was already planning on it but when he expressed how very important and crucial it was to him it became an urgent hurried search for flights. EEK! Flying into that tiny little airport comes at a pretty penny, but the time we have together is priceless and the money means so little in comparison.

San Angelo is a small town with not a whole lot to do but the weather is a little less humid than San Antonio, which I really appreciate! We went to the mall and ate at the restaurants around and that was about it. The rest of our time was spent in the hotel, on base, watching TV and movies and visiting. The hotel was really nice though. We had a little kitchen area, living room with TV, bedroom with TV, and a bathroom (of course). It kinda felt like living together again. We celebrated his birthday at Red Lobster and had cake and presents at our hotel. That marked the end of my trip as I left in the morning.

Goodbyes are hard but we just keep focusing on the goal of Scott having his career and being stationed together sometime soon! I for one, am very excited to store my suitcase for a full month and take a break from it so that I’ll be refreshed and ready to travel back to my sweetheart at the end of October! These monthly visits are our sanity! Thanks for the continued prayers and support. God is our strength!


One Response to “September: the month of travels.”

  1. Ann Maloney September 30, 2012 at 5:09 pm #

    Wow!! What a whirlwind of travel! It will all be worth it when you can be together again! We love you both and our prayers go with you ALWAYS! love Mom and Dad

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