Quickly moving time.

5 Jul

I was certain that people were just trying to make me feel better when they told me that after the first few weeks of Scott being at Basic that time would start moving more quickly. I couldn’t picture this separation moving by any more speedily than at a snail pace. Don’t get me wrong, it has had it’s painful moments of dragging but now that we’re over the halfway point and on the speedy downward countdown it’s not so horrid. Less than 30 days now! I still miss him with such intensity that it hurts but at least the days no longer feel like years.

I have really taken my time here alone to work on myself and work at becoming a stronger woman. I feel stronger than I ever have been. I love that! It is only through my mornings and evenings filled with spending time talking to God and in the Word. I had purchased a military wife devotional book (Faith Deployed) before Scott left and it’s the best money I’ve even invested. It encourages me because the women who wrote the book are either previous or current military wives. It helps to get the advice from others who know exactly what I’m going through.

I haven’t been great to blog through this first part of the Air Force experience because it would have been a bunch of whining at the beginning and then a log of all the boring activities that I have filled my time with recently. I have been very proud of myself that I have been able to write to Scott every night before bed and send it out in the mornings. I set that as my goal and I haven’t missed a single night. He really enjoys getting the mail, makes him feel like he’s not missing out on anything in his absence from home.

I promise that blogging will become more regular as we set out on more adventures. I can’t wait for Scott to be at tech school so that we can talk on a daily basis and I’ll be able to visit him. Count your blessings and enjoy the small things!


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