First week.

10 Jun

On Monday we drove Scott over to MEPS in Denver. My friend Danielle volunteered to come with us to keep me company. I planned on not being able to see the road through all the tears I’d be draining on Tuesday so we figured she would drive us home. We grabbed some pizza and then dropped Scott at his hotel. We weren’t able to stay at the same hotel due to regulations. Danielle and I went and did a tiny bit of shopping at the mall and then retired to our hotel. We wanted to get in the hot tub but when we got down there the darn thing was closed. Back to the room we went.

In the morning (Tuesday) we got ready, checked out of the hotel, and set out to find the MEPS station. STRESSFUL!!!!! We found the address and began the search for a parking space. We found a lot but they didn’t accept check , debit, or credit so we tried to find another, no luck. When I was at my wits end and freaking out a bit, I spotted an ATM across the street. I pulled a few illegal driving maneuvers, jumped out of the car and started running across the street. I was wearing heals and a dress, and the wind was blowing that day, so I had a few Marilyn Monroe moments with trying to keep my dress down. Apparently a few guys got that same impression because Danielle made me aware that there had been a few whistlers, how embarrassing. With cash in hand I darted back across the street and we were finally able to pay $12 to park in the original parking lot. Hallelujah!

We made it into the MEPS office with about 10 minutes to spare. We then were shown to the family waiting area where we sat and watched Maury. About an hour into sitting an alarm went off and we were told to exit the building. Great. All of us filed down the stairs and outside. They then had all the recruites/shippers get into formation while all of the friends and family stood idly by. Scott later told us that we caught more attention with our blowing skirts. Note to self: check weather report before wearing another dress. Scott said that some of the guys behind him in formation were talking about Danielle and I saying “Hey, look at those hotties standing over there.” Haha. Scott just laughed to himself of course. He gets a kick out of these sort of situations. After about 40 minutes we were given the clear and let back inside. Thank goodness!

The fire alarm delayed the whole operation of getting everyone’s paperwork done, so once again we were left sitting, but this time for about an hour and a half. Finally they brought us into a room with wood paneling, and lots of flags, that’s where I found Scott standing in formation with about 7 others. They then swore in. (This is a very cool ceremony and if you ever get the chance to be there I would recommend it.) I had such pride in my husband as he took the oath, I had never felt anything like it.

Once we congratulated Scott, and he went to fill out some more papers, we were able to sit with him as he ate lunch. He was too nervous to eat but we enjoyed sitting with him, praying, and giving him words of encouragement. Lunch finished and he had to go watch some kind of movie. He then grabbed his backpack and was lined up with his fellow Air Force shippers. We almost missed saying goodbye to him because they didn’t tell us it was time. Luckily one of the Army guys took mercy on us and let us squeeze into the tight hallway and say goodbye. “I’m sorry,” the words my husband spoke as we said our final goodbye. That was the last time I’ll feel his embrace, touch, kiss, and see his face for two full months.

August 1st, you can’t possibly come soon enough. I held in my tears and emotions all day. I had two minor slip ups when we said goodbye and again when I came home to an empty apartment. Once I was alone, and my friend Danielle had gone home, I came apart at the seams, bursting into a thousand tiny pieces. I forced myself to unload the dishes and take out the trash, small things that I had hoped would distract me from the heartache I felt. I debated sleeping on the bedroom floor to avoid the empty bed. I finally braved my bed and laid down to write my first letter to my handsome airman in training. I was too afraid to go to sleep because I was so anxious for a phone call that would only be about 30 seconds long of only info. I finally gave into sleep and curled up to one of Scott’s shirts. Within that 24 hour period I was transformed from a 23 year old woman back into a 14 year old school girl.

The rest of the week has been hard but nothing compared to the first day. I have been able to keep pretty busy and I welcome the distraction of working. I know God will help me through this. I am just hungry for the sound of Scott’s voice. I just want to know that he’s doing ok and I want to encourage him. I hope to get a phone call today but patience is something I’m having to learn. For now I’m going to have to appreciate writing a letter a day and hopefully my mailbox will have something filling it soon.


One Response to “First week.”

  1. Ann Maloney June 13, 2012 at 10:46 pm #

    I’m proud of you for being so brave, Alyssa!! Know that our prayers continue with you and Scott both!!! love, in Christ Jesus, Mom

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