My last vacation with a civilian husband.

31 May

I’m still in complete shock and awe that this time is here. On Monday we drive my sweet husband to Denver to swear in to become a part of the United States Air Force. I know I wrote of our vacation that was coming up so I just wanted to share some of the pictures from our trip to Wyoming. Enjoy! -Alyssa

The night before we left we watched our favorite little 4 year old, Haley. She’s such a sweetheart and we just adore having her around.

Here are the doggies ready to go the morning of the trip! Happy as ever.

I still get butterflies when I see this house come into view.

Corgis were bred to be cattle dogs, with their short legs the cows were able to kick without hitting them in the head. My dad and I came to the conclusion that when you see Clover in this environment it makes you realize she was meant to be a ranch dog.

Scott was able to do a bit of running “training” on the ranch road.

This is where my Dad proposed to my Mom. This place has been a part of so many love stories including my own.

Scott and I got married on this exact spot almost a year ago. Man, the time has flown.

I am so obsessed with all of the spectacular views on the ranch. I was lucky to have this place be a prominent memory of my childhood. I can’t wait for my own children to someday have memories here, just as my Dad was excited for it to be a special place in my heart.

In the middle of the week Scott and I took off for Jackson Hole to celebrate the 1 year anniversary that Scott will be missing due to being in boot camp. We enjoyed a slice of our wedding cake, and some much needed relaxation and romancing.

The Spring Creek Ranch was where we had our honeymoon and we were happy to return for our 1 year. Our favorite part of staying here was of course the beautiful fireplace but we also loved the view from the restaurant where we shared a delicious breakfast every morning of our stay.

Jackson Hole is a big tourist spot not just for the gorgeous views but also for the shopping, so we took to the snowy streets to wander around the many different shops downtown.

We were freezing in all the unexpected snowfall so we posed for a few photos and then decided to run to the safety of lunch.

Scott had never had an artichoke before so of course we had to order that. He approved! Why wouldn’t he, anything soaked in butter/garlic is delicious!

My big find of the day was this journal. It is made from an old book from the 50’s, it has pages from the original book scattered randomly throughout the blank pages. I have been in search of a good journal for months! I will need it for when Scotty is gone to pour my thoughts and feelings into. I was thrilled to find one that finally met my approval.

There was only one day where we could see the top of the Tetons. The silly clouds kept them hidden the rest of the trip. The views from our room were still great.

We had a great breakfast the next morning and then headed back to the ranch. My brother was thankfully able to come up for the weekend. I was so blessed to have that time with him.

We played pool but Scott and I only won by error on the other team’s part. Scott says it’s me who drags him down but in all honestly we both aren’t very great. ;]

A gofer safari broke out on Sunday. I think it looks more like a red-neck gofer hunt but I’m not the one who created the title.

I retreated to target practicing with my beautiful handgun. I was happy to hit my first bullseye that my dad drew on the paper plate! Woohoo!

The next morning we headed back home to Colorado. :[

Scott insisted on stopping for breakfast ice cream.

After a long drive home with a pukey little dog we finally made it home exhausted. We weren’t the only tired ones…

The next big step is leaving my sweetheart off in Denver. Wish us luck!


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