30 Oct

I’m a firm believer in “work hard and play hard”, so I live my life by this. During the week I dart around from one location to the next. I go to work in the morning where I bust my bum to make sure that every client that day leaves pleased. At the end of the work day I scurry home to get stuff done around the house so that I have a home I can be proud of and enjoy all the many hours I spend within it’s walls. I even find time to squeeze in friends and family in our crazy busy schedules that rarely seem to match up. This is what I do Monday-Saturday. Thursday is another of my days off but that day is dedicated to spending time with my husband cleaning the house top to bottom and getting the rest of the necessary errands completed. The only true relaxation day that I get comes on Sunday. This day is set apart for going to church and starting off the day and week with worshipping our amazing God and being thankful for all the blessings He has given us. This renews my soul and mind, and prepares me for another week of running in thousands of different directions. After church Scott and I usually go out to eat at one of our favorite lunch time restaurants. I love this time I get with my husband. We have time to just sit and talk about all the things going on and just joke around with each other without worrying about the other stresses in our life. From there we sometimes rent a movie or just go home and lounge around. I enjoy most when we spend the afternoon or early evenings walking around the park near our house. I love walking our dog and holding hands with Scott as we stroll around in the sunshine. Gives me flash backs of being a little girl and dreaming of moments like these that would someday be in my future. Crazy to look back and remember just how excited I was to be living the life I am now. Makes me feel like I’ve really made it! In reality I have, I have an amazing man to spend the rest of my life with, God has provided an amazing home for us to feel secure in, a cute dog that adds such joy to our daily life, we never go hungry, we both have jobs that support us, a great family and friends, and we’re comfortable. It would truly be selfish to want more. Someday we pray to be blessed with children and a home of our own but for now we are so very content and blessed. Now, to get off this rabit trail and back to Sundays. [haha] We usually finish the night off with a home cooked meal and cuddling up in our bed. Scott reads the news and I prefer to cozy up with a great book. Then we fall asleep and are ready for the week that awaits us in the morning. I adore Sundays, hope you’re enjoying yours!


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