27 Nov

I love Thanksgiving! Not only do you get to cram your face full of hundreds upon hundreds of calories without guilt but you also get to be around your loved ones. It’s so nice to just have the excuse to gather together and share all the things that we’re thankful for. This year has been such a big year in my life so I have loads to be thankful for. This year I’m most thankful that God blessed me with marriage this summer. Scott is such an amazing husband and we can already see the makings of new adventures coming our way this next year. I can’t wait for all the opportunities that are coming our way. We are also so thankful for our jobs that support us and Scott’s new job in the Air Force. We still don’t know when he’ll be leaving for basic training but that’s part of the adventure that we’re just so excited about. We also have amazing families that support and love us! What a great blessing! This past week we adopted a new puppy that we named Hazel. Although it’s hard to be thankful for the puppy accidents and having to train her it’s fun to have the new energy in the house and for Clover to finally have a buddy to keep her busy. Clover hasn’t liked not being the princess anymore but you can tell she really enjoys the company of another doggy. We are also thankful for our little apartment that gives us shelter, although temporary it suits our needs and gives us a place to call home. I could really just go on and on with this blog with all the things I’m thankful for but I’m just so excited to continue Christmas decorating that I’m going to scoot! Hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving weekend with your families and let’s not be so quick to forget all that God has blessed us with!


One Response to “Thankful.”

  1. Morgan Jueschke November 27, 2011 at 9:10 pm #

    You are just too cute! I love your blogs :)

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