Sick. Tired. Bored.

18 Oct

The worst thing to mix with work is being the combination of sick, tired, and bored. I’m a fan of working. I enjoy my job because of the people I get to interact with and also the love of what I do. Creating a whole new look for someone in a 20 minute session is so invigorating . I love the rush of knowing someone will be leaving feeling 100x better than when they first walked in. I enjoy making people look and feel good about themselves! I feel like if I can be a little ray of sunshine in their otherwise lame day then I’ve done my job correctly. Sadly, on days like today I have a harder time being the sunny person that I usually try to be. When you feel so sick it’s really hard to focus on someone else and making small talk seems impossible. I’m able to overcome this but when you mix tiredness in there then you really have yourself a challenge. Luckily today is a slower day at work [hence why I’m able to blog]. It’s hard to be thankful for a slow day because it means the whole day is going to DRAGGGGGG, but when you feel like this…that’s the only way you’ll survive the day is knowing that you won’t be busting your butt with lots and lots of clients. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll wake up rested, well, and the day will be busy! Here’s to looking forward to a new day and a fresh start in the morning!



2 Responses to “Sick. Tired. Bored.”

  1. sarahgrace October 18, 2011 at 7:14 pm #

    Ick. Hope you’re feeling better soon. Where are you working these days?

  2. Danielle Cooper October 18, 2011 at 11:06 pm #

    Get better, best friend! I need you to be all rested so we can hang out!

    I understand what you mean about work… everybody complains that they have to work, but I love it! Of course there are going to be crappy days, but that happens to everyone and everywhere you will be. It’s life. Crap happens. At least we’re on the right track with enjoying our jobs… we might not be making a ton of money, but we’re creating memories and impressions that will last with people. :] (Yes, a cup of coffee will do that to people, you know!)

    Right now I’m running on a mix of a few tossing and turning hours of sleep, no caffeine, and a homework overload. Plus I get to teach 5th grade math tomorrow morning. Yay for college and all that cool stuff. :P

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