Guest room.

4 Jun

Now that we’ve entertained our first guests in our newly redone guest room I figure I should post the pictures because I’m proud of it. This room was the difference between loving and hating our home. I couldn’t stand it for a very long time because it looked like some sort of storage room instead of a place for our loved ones to vacation in. We get a lot of visitors here so I wanted it to become a home away from home for those who fly to see us. I’m pretty pleased with the results! Enjoy the tour!!

Let’s start with a before pic. YAWN!:

17First I purchased a memory foam mattress cover, to add comfort to the bed, and then I found a new bedspread and sheets at 60% off during a Kohl’s sale. This gave me a color palette to work from.

203I didn’t want to part with my Beatles theme but I felt pretty stumped on what to do for decor especially when I found these flower watercolor pieces that I immediately fell in love with! As I searched Etsy I finally stumbled upon this Beatles watercolor that ended up tying it all together. Phew! I love this look!


I also found this Beatles’ quote that not only matched the bedspread but made a cute addition to the guest room with talking about “slumber”.

205Then came the side table. T.J. Maxx and Etsy to the rescue!

207My friend (Danielle) made this awesome clock for me out of an Abbey Road record and I placed it above my canvas from the same album. Perfection!


I had the most fun putting together this guest room cart for our visitors to enjoy. I purchased the cart from Amazon and found the metal baskets at T.J. Maxx.


I have a deep love for succulents so I knew I wanted to add one to the room and I planted it in this teacup from Ross. I collected travel sized products (shampoo, toothpaste, shaving cream, deodorant, body wash, etc) and placed them in this jar from T.J. Maxx. I didn’t want our guests to stress if they forgot something while packing for their trip.


I also wanted a little “goody basket” for our friends and family to enjoy during their time with us. I want them to know that I personalized the room, just for them, and that we are excited for them to be here.


The bottom basket I filled with extra towels, washcloths, and a few toothbrushes.


We also have this little table in the room and some reading material. (Hope everyone likes The Beatles. haha.)


So there you have it. Come visit!! :)



2 Responses to “Guest room.”

  1. Brenda Allen June 5, 2015 at 3:26 pm #

    OMG, you’re too cute!! But you should definitely take up interior design :)

  2. a maloney June 16, 2015 at 11:28 am #

    Baby, I WILL! I’ll “Be your guest!!” C: Beautiful! Thank you for upgrading my room!! C; Mom

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