25 Apr

Vacations are a wonderful thing designed to help relax and unwind you by breaking from your usual daily grind. You picture yourself coming home completely at ease, as if hundreds of pounds of bricks have been lifted off your very tired shoulders. Why is it then that when you do head back home you actually feel a billion times more pooped than when you started out for your adventure? You seem to need a vacation from your vacation at this point!

Vacations have become a real treat for us because Scott is always working and the Air Force doesn’t hand out leave like candy, so we were extremely excited to be getting away for 5  uninterrupted days this past weekend! We packed up our car with way more things than necessary for a 5 day trip (gotta be prepared,) loaded our two doggies, made a coffee/donut stop, and we were on our way! Now, the way I’m about to describe this drive will come across as overly dramatic and a little bit exaggerated, I assure you it is not. The drive to Scott’s sister’s house looks as if it will be a breeze, simple directions and a 6 hour estimated arrival time, you know…easy! WRONG! Somehow this drive not only lasts an extra 3 hours but it feels more like 10 extra. I don’t know what it is but in the 2 times we’ve driven this path it actually seems to only be getting worse! It’s torture!! Anytime you take a detour to use the restroom or get something to eat it punishes you by tacking on another 40 minutes to an hour! You can literally run in, grab one thing you need, be back in the car within two minutes, and STILL it says you just won the prize of being set back 46 minutes!! It’s madness! Then take into account the fact that I now have a growing child inside me kicking my ribs at every turn of the road, making for an even more enjoyable travel day! (haha)

We finally got into Redington Shores 9 hours from our departure time and were met with a surprise baby shower from Scott’s family! I don’t think there could be a better reward following that drive! Family always knows just what you need! We were so blessed by all the gifts and pumped up at the thought of our little guy coming to join such a loving-doting family. I am thankful that both Scott and I were born into amazing families that make bringing a child into the world all the more joyous. I can’t even wait for him to meet them!
baby shower from Karen 005The rest of our Vacation flew by! We packed it to the brim with activities! We went to a Rays baseball game, ate lots of yummy food, went site seeing, walked the doggies, saw a movie, ate pastries and drank greek coffee, sat by the pool, Scott went deep sea fishing with his dad, shopped a bit, the guys tried to trap crabs, and before we knew it…time was up!  It’s not fair how much more quickly Vacation time flies in comparison to regular time. For weeks and weeks we counted down to this time away and in a flash it was over.

photo 1photo 410156071_4138828444716_7004753561307066812_nmatt and scottphoto 2photo 51939781_4138830484767_8187251156571168996_n

Monday morning we packed our car once again, now almost to exploding with all our new baby gifts, and set out on the road. It’s always wonderful to see family but it never seems like it’s long enough! We had to just be thankful that we were able to come at all and revel in all of the new memories we made.

Monday also marked 100 days until Baby’s due date! I can’t believe how far into this pregnancy we are now! Being in the double digits makes me all the more impatient to snuggle my boy!! It doesn’t make sense to say but I miss him. I don’t know how you can miss and love someone you’ve never even met but I do. I can’t wait to lay eyes on him for the first time. Until then I’ll just have to soak in the wonders of pregnancy and the joy of feeling him wiggle and kick as he grows inside me.

So…back to Vacation exhaustion! (I get so sidetracked whenever I think of Baby. Whoops!): After another long drive home, that we somehow kept under 8 hours, we unpacked the car and dragged our tired bodies into bed. The next morning we did not awaken refreshed but completely drained! Scott then proceeded to work an 18 hour workday because of a scheduling fluke. I don’t know how he survived it, I really don’t. My body felt the toll of all the excitement of the weekend as I started limping around the house, not a preggo waddle for the record, and now I have the flu because I apparently also knocked my immune system down.

So, can someone tell me when I’m going to feel relaxed and rejuvenated from this vacation we just had?! I’m waiting!!

photo 3


One Response to “Vacations.”

  1. Ann Maloney April 25, 2014 at 5:10 pm #

    Scott and Alyssa, so glad you had a 5-day vacation! It sounds as if you two were spoiled! So very nice of Karen, Matt, Jeanette, and Dave to throw you a shower and treat you to so many nice activities!! Sounds Great! Now sleep!! love and prayers, Mom

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