27 Feb

This month we had one of the most exciting appointments in pregnancy: the gender reveal ultrasound! I was on pins and needles for the entire week leading up to this day. I couldn’t wait to know what we were having so that I could fully picture the little person joining our family! I was also anxious to start getting all the baby prep done that was on hold because of this missing piece of information, like the nursery and picking out clothes for “Smalls.” I just couldn’t wait!

When Scott and I were praying for baby, as we started wanting to start a family, we prayed that the Lord would give us EXACTLY what we needed! We wanted the gender, personality, and everything else to be the perfect fit for us. We prayed to be given a child that Scott and I could be the very best parents to. We didn’t care what that looked like in God’s eyes because we knew He would only give us the very best! Gender especially, we were very open to whatever! We could see ourselves parenting a boy or a girl and loving them equally.

Since our first ultrasound, and maybe even a bit before  that, I had an intense gut feeling that baby was a boy. I am one who gets my mind set on something and suddenly my heart gets involved and then I am completely sold on one idea and there’s no going back. Baby’s gender was this same way. I would get rather pouty when people told me they thought I was having a girl because I just felt in my heart my first child is a boy! Silly I know because there’s really no way to tell what the heck you’re having until you go to the appointment. Even the “wives tale”  test told me “girl” and I wouldn’t accept it. Boy boy boy boy boy is all I could accept. Stubborn me!

The nights before the ultrasound I hardly slept! I just kept tossing and turning trying to reason with myself what the baby could really be. Needless to say, I pointlessly wasted a lot of Z’s doing this. There are so many feelings going into this appointment, you worry if you’ll actually be excited with the results and you wonder if you’ll really be able to parent one gender or the other. You face a lot of doubt in yourself during the lead up. I finally had to pray for God to calm my heart so that I could just rest in His perfect plan for us and this baby.

Finally the morning of the ultrasound was here! I drank my 16 ounces of water as directed and jumped into the car! My heart was racing as Scott drove us along the way and it sped even more quickly as he pulled into the parking space. The moment had arrived!!

Baby did NOT want to show us what was going on below. “Smalls” was sleeping or something because there was no rolling over or anything to give us a peek! I had to keep turning onto my side and back to my back just to try to get any type of movement. It’s like the baby knew  what we were after and was not going to budge! Shy much? At last Baby started becoming more active, about 20 minutes into the appointment, and gave us what we were looking for. The tech told us “here’s some boy parts” a little less glamorous than “it’s a boy!” but…we’ll take it! I burst into tears, exclaiming “I’m so happy!” My gut had been right and I was getting my little boy. Scott was so excited he said “I got my hunting and fishing buddy!” We were already proud parents to this little guy. I then looked at the tech and told her “I can only hope he is this good at keeping his parts to himself when High School hits!” (Haha.)

We then sent this out to our parents and siblings to reveal the news!:

photo (12)

Scott then called up Krispy Kreme to order our blue filled donuts for our gender reveal party that evening! Yum!

At our small group we had everyone choose either a pink or blue clothespin as their vote and then at the end we had one of our friends bite into a donut and show the blue contents! “Boy!!!” It was just so much fun to share our joy with everyone! After the party was over I was able to post on Facebook our official reveal and we were so blessed by all the congratulations and well wishes of our friends! We were happy to celebrate with everyone even with the hundreds of miles separating us.

photo (5)

(Scott thought the blue teeth were a nice finishing touch. Haha.)

When Scott and I were younger we always said we wanted a boy first because then there would always be a big brother to watch out for his younger siblings. God gave us our wish years later in this little miracle! Our baby already means so very much to us and we’re happy to be having a son! We are blessed beyond belief!!

Now comes the hard part…finding a name…

Wish us luck!! xoxo


One Response to “Boy.”

  1. Ann Maloney March 2, 2014 at 8:28 am #

    Dear Scott and Alyssa, Praise the Lord!!! You will both be such good parents!! I mean that sincerely!! I know you both and I know your love for children, your love for our Lord, Jesus, and your sense of responsibility and commitment!! I’m just so proud of you both, I could bust!! I am excited to meet my little grandson. Thank you both for making me a soon-to-be-grandma!!! C:C:C: YAY!! love and prayers, in Christ Jesus, Mom

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