A true loss.

10 Sep

I’ve been wanting to write a blog on this subject for a few days now but haven’t found the right words to display my feelings. I still don’t have a full grasp on it but I’m willing to give it a whirl. On Tuesday, September 6th the world got a little dimmer, especially in our family. Beloved by all our dear Grandma Jean passed away. It hit us fast and hard, not at all expected. It was quick for her as well meaning less painful. We all believe that this is the way she would have preferred it. Although we’re still standing around in disbelief, wondering if we’re really in reality or if it’s just a bad dream that for some reason we can’t be shaken out of, we have to push forward. We know for a fact that she wouldn’t have wanted us sitting around crying, that’s not who she was, she was joyful and so full of life. She would want us to celebrate her! Everyone who ever met Grandma Jean could see what an amazing lady she was. She was so sweet and caring that you loved her within seconds of meeting her. Shouldn’t we all strive to live like this? Leaving an impact everywhere we go? I think so. What a legacy she lived!!! So many adventures and so many loved ones. That’s what life is about: living and loving and I believe she did both to the fullest. Our hearts feel like we’re missing a huge part to them because she just loved us all so BIG. It’s a difficult feeling of loss, but we have to hold onto the joy of knowing that we will see her again in Heaven. What an amazing family reunion that will be!

Rest in peace Grandma Jean, you are forever remembered and held close to our hearts! Until we meet again, I love you!



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