The video game war.

18 Aug

Video games and I have what you would call a love hate relationship. I love them if it involves games I enjoy and as long as it’s a group activity, I’m a fan of them. Sadly though I more hate them than like them. I hate how they suck the male gender so far into them that they don’t even know up from down and they lose the ability to talk to you while playing. You ask a question and you WILL have to ask a second and sometimes even a third time to get an answer. I don’t enjoy it. Lucky for me I have a husband who no longer plays as much as a 13 year old boy. He plays when I’m at work or if there is absolutely nothing else going on. I’m ok with that. He deserves his un-wind time just as much as I do. We just have different ways of unwinding. I like listening to music and relaxing. He just prefers video games. The thing I most hate about video games though are the war games. They put this idea of glorified war in their minds. Gives them the idea that they should all go and fight in the military and become war heros. Bleh. War is nothing like video games. You don’t get to respawn 10 seconds later and have another shot at the bad guys. One deadly shot and you’re dead for good. Scary. I think video games should be more life-like. Throw a love story in there. Maybe that would make me more interested while watching plus it would show the hardship that the woman goes through with their loved one going off to war. Show all the millions of tears shed, all the empty tissue boxes, the love letters we write, the drinks we share with our girlfriends just to be able to talk to someone about the loneliness we feel. Maybe get us some sympathy. Probably not, but it’s an idea. War is not just a joy stick, good graphics, and an xbox headset it’s a real and hard part of the world we live in. I pray I have the courage to be the support my husband needs when he becomes a real soldier, but for now I choose to be a dead beat video game military wife. No support here. ;]


2 Responses to “The video game war.”

  1. Danielle Cooper August 19, 2011 at 9:11 am #

    Interesting point. I’ve never thought about throwing a love story in there. Honestly I think the only thing that would get our boys to stop playing video games would be to make it when they die, they DIE, and have to start all over again. Or heck, one shot and you’re done for good! No more COD for you! Then they’d get mad, throw a fit, mope around, the usual. Haha. Oh well. I’m not totally against video games, because I like them too. (As long as there is a difference between what’s real and what’s not in their minds.) Speaking of getting a drink with your girlfriends… we need to do that, because my army guy being gone is starting to get to me, too. Love you Lyssa.

    • Lyssa August 19, 2011 at 9:33 am #

      I thought of that idea too. Dead=dead for good. I’m a fan of it. haha. Drinks it is! Love you!

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