31 Aug

Last week Haven had her 2 month check-up. She’s doing awesome but while listening to her heart the doctor found a slight murmur. Dr. Byan wasn’t worried but he put in a referral to a cardio specialist in Pensacola anyway. He wanted her to have an ultrasound performed and assured us that he was only being thorough.

Yesterday we went to the appointment where the tech found a small hole between her left and right ventricle. The size and location of the hole is not worrisome and they believe it will close up on it’s own. We’ll go back in a few months to follow up and make sure it closes but they’re not concerned.

I also have a slight murmur, which has never caused me any trouble, so I wasn’t too worried but heart stuff frazzles me ever since my dad’s passing. I’m extremely grateful to know she’ll be alright. Thank you, Jesus!

Our darling daughter found the ultrasound relaxing and quickly fell asleep. She looked so peaceful that I had to capture that moment of our sweet girl sleeping while her mommy was the opposite of “at peace.” Something about that moment calmed me.

As my friend Kim reminded me, this baby is our haven and she will continue to live up to her name.


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