My Calendar Boys.

9 Oct

It’s International Babywearing week so I decided it was a fun week to share this story with you all. xoxo

In July I entered a picture of Scott and Royal into “The Studs of Abby’s Lane” calendar contest. Abby’s Lane is putting together a calendar of men babywearing their littles, with the procedes going to charity. I didn’t think much of it at the time, I just knew I loved the picture of my guys together and wanted to share it on the page. I didn’t expect it to make it into any of the voting rounds but still wanted to participate in the fun.

A few months later and over 800 entries later the page announced the top 40. I was shocked to see our picture among the others!! When Scott called that day, from Afghanistan, I told him all about entering him and that he had been chosen as one of the top 40. I was expecting “Babe…why did you enter me in that?!” instead I got “WHAT?!?! That’s awesome! Really? They chose me?!” I loved how excited he was! He then wanted to know all the details. I told him that the voting to get the top 24 would go for a week and at the end of that week the final round of voting would take place which would  determine the 12 final winners that would be in the calendar and win a free baby carrier. He was stoked!! (He’s so cute.)FullSizeRender (2)The first voting week went by and towards the end I knew that he would stay within the top 24 as he never moved below the 11th position in the contest. I was still amazed that others found this picture as adorable as I do seeing I know I’m a little biased. (Haha.)

Scott then moved into the final voting round and this is where the nail biting ensued!! We were so close and I knew how much it would mean to Scott so I really REALLY wanted this win for him. It was such a close competition and in the end Scott would make it with a lot of votes to spare!

WOOHOO!!! Calendar here we come!

114 I’m so excited and proud!!! I love this picture of my man proudly standing in his Air Force uniform and my little man supporting his daddy in a matching flight suit and aviator hat! Scott is also wearing our “First Flight” Tula, which means so much to us to have won the right to buy it from this very same shop! It was a hard one to acquire so I’m thrilled to own it and also to now have it be a part of winning this fun contest! Everything about this picture is perfection to me! Makes me smile everytime I see it! It’s been the background of my phone since I took this picture and after this contest has even more meaning to me.

What a fun experience! I can’t wait to purchase our calendar and to display it in our home! I’m most excited to find out what month Scott will be so I can call him “Mr. ______” for the rest of eternity! He’s gonna hate it!!! (Mwahaha!)

I’ll be sure to pass on the purchasing information once it becomes available in case any of you would also like to have Scott hanging on your wall! ;)




One Response to “My Calendar Boys.”

  1. a maloney October 10, 2015 at 12:35 pm #

    Alyssa, Scott, and baby Royal, I also LOVE this pic and the two “manly men” featured!! I could not be more proud!!

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