10 Apr

In a life of so many constant changes it’s amazing how wonderful it feels to have nothing new to report.

Really the last month has just been the regular ins and outs of daily life. No crazy surprises just the same ol’ same ol’. I love it.

I’ve just needed the space to breathe. There is so much uncertainty and loneliness that comes with deployments that it’s like a vacation for my heart to be at home with my husband, son, and dog. I think we’ve all needed a little “nothing” in our lives.

I finally have had the emotional capacity to get back to being involved in church, and have volunteered to spend Sundays in the nursery. I’ve been feeling God’s calling to this for the last year but haven’t had the strength to jump in. I hate when you ignore God’s voice and you feel so much guilt every time you’re reminded of where you need to be. I’m excited to do it and it’s fun to see Royal interact with all the other babies. He’s the only boy but I guess that means good odds in the future. (Haha.)

I know the next few months are going to fly by, as another deployment approaches and the summer calendar begins to fill up, but I’m praying we’ll continue to have some time to sit, relax, and just soak in the time we’re together.

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One Response to “Nothing.”

  1. Beckey April 11, 2015 at 8:54 am #

    You are basically my favorite ! I miss you guys but so happy you guys are together again and having a boring and amazing, wonderful life.

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