15 Sep

10600630_10152631186662931_569408031830997796_nI am somehow miraculously finding the energy to blog. Royal got his schedule thrown all off the last few weeks with all of our company coming to town and his nights and days got all jumbled. From day one he has been an amazing sleeper giving us 8-9 hours of sleep a night! The last week though he’d not been doing that, making for one tired mama with a constantly full coffee pot! This morning we were amazed  to wake up to a very happy baby who let us sleep 11 HOURS!!! HEAVEN! I feel somewhat like myself again. Phew! So here I am…Baby in swing hoping I can jot down a few lines before my mommy duties start up again.

I am absolutely amazed that Royal has been in our lives for over a month already! I feel like my days are filled to the brim and there’s no longer enough time in a day. My house is not the spotless house I’ve always known and I never look quite put together when I leave the house anymore. Gone are the days of primping. I’m lucky to get a shower and when I do I swear I hear a screaming baby the whole time, only to get out and realize it was all in my head. What I wouldn’t give to have a hot bubble bath and a glass of wine…maybe someday.

Speaking of “maybe someday” I asked Scott if he would ever find my body parts attractive again, his reply: “Maybe someday.” “Maybe” on it’s own would have been bad, “someday” would also have been bad…but the combo…TERRIBLE! I’m still laughing about it. I was just so shocked that he didn’t even try to wrap it up a little more sweetly. (Haha.) Times have certainly changed around here. Luckily Scott still thinks I’m pretty with no makeup, baby spit up all over my clothes, and my hair up in some sort of form that resembles garbage. Can you tell I just feel so glamorous?

I don’t even recognize our life anymore, it’s been turned upside down by this little mister! Our schedule revolves around when Royal will eat next. Pretty much we have a 3 hour window to do whatever we want to accomplish or we’re sunk! Then you throw in the fact that he’s colicky between the hours of 2-7 or 4-9 and you’re really left with little time or energy. During the colicky hours I’m stuck on the couch with Baby placed on my chest, my hair dryer/vacuum sound app turned on full blast, and tired arms from bouncing the baby and constantly replacing his “paci” in his mouth. My best friend has become our baby wrap, as it is the only way I can accomplish anything while he’s fussing. I just wrap him to myself and then I can get some things done. (If you have or are having a baby and you don’t have some form of a wrap run out and get one! It gives you the ounce of freedom you crave as a new mommy.)

I absolutely love being Royal’s mom though. My joy comes from our daily snuggles and seeing him content. I am mesmerized by his every move. I lose track of time as I stare at him. He has the most hilarious facial expressions and I’m constantly laughing at how expressive he is. I even love his little bottom lip when he throws the biggest fit. There is no love like this. Never in my life would I have thought I could be alright with someone throwing up on me or that I would think a baby tooting is about the cutest thing in the world, but I do. He’s precious to me in every way.

So, even though I don’t feel like I have anything together right now its alright because I have a sweet little boy who loves me and a whole lifetime to get it all figured out.10407462_10152646493692931_3944897511212058005_n


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