Good riddance…

1 Mar

My mom has said that sometimes God allows things to go wrong before a big change as a way of making you ready to move on from the current stage you’re standing in. I can say that’s precisely what has happened over the past month! Everything I was holding a tight grasp on, in my life here in Junction, suddenly became a burden, an annoyance, or a hurt. I have complete closure and excitement to be moving on past this place.

I of course will miss my friends and family but all the other things that had their ties on me have been cut. They no longer have the strength to hold me here or the capacity to entrap my mind. I feel free, free to move and start this new adventure and free to enjoy the new blessings of this life!

Three weeks from today Scott will be home and we will be getting everything in order for our move to Florida.

No looking back, only forward!



One Response to “Good riddance…”

  1. Ann Maloney March 3, 2013 at 11:51 am #

    Oh, I love it Alyssa!!! This certainly rings true! I know in my Spirit, that the Lord Jesus has Good Things for you and Scott as you begin again, your new life together!! love in Christ Jesus, Mom

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