Adios October

2 Nov

OCTOBER!!!! I can’t believe you came and went! Even with the sadness of separation the time still seems to be moving at a quick speed. Doesn’t seem like it when you’re living the day to day but when you’re in the next month looking back it shocks you.

I started the month with a huge project that I expected would take me 3 weeks. I knew I needed a little something to keep me busy as missing Scott has become even more difficult as this time goes on. You would think that it would get easier but it doesn’t. You just get better at ignoring the feelings. Anyway, I purchased a table from the 1950’s and wanted some unique chairs to go with it. I found 6 chairs on craigslist and then went to my cousin’s shop, Tangle, on main street to get some cute fabric. I had to spray paint the gold at the top of the chairs silver to match the chrome table. I then reupholstered the cushions. I busted this whole project out in 6 hours. My hands ACHED for 3 days. I get a little too determined and stopping makes me anxious. I hate procrastinating, almost to a fault. I was very pleased with how they turned out. Here they are!

The coming weeks were completely normal besides a fun girl’s trip to Denver with my Mom-in-law and Mom. We had so much fun shopping and visiting. I feel very blessed to have two amazing moms!

After coming back from Denver things were low key and then the 22nd hit. Boy, this day came out of nowhere, like a giant semi truck crashing in on us. The day was boring but I planned to go to see Mitt Romney’s running mate, Paul Ryan, speak at the college that night with my friend Danielle. We got our tickets and walked about a thousand miles (slight exaggeration) from our car to the gym where the assembly was taking place. We found some great seats exactly center from the stage so we had a great view! We were pumped! I then got a phone call that ruined the experience for me by quite a bit but for the sake of telling about Paul Ryan I’ll get to that in a bit. Paul Ryan was awesome! So cool to see yet another political figure speak. I truly pray and hope that this is the team that goes to the White House for the next 4 years but I’m not going to get into the politics now, you’re welcome. Last election I got to see both Sarah Palin and John McCain speak, plus shake his hand. Pretty cool for the first election I was old enough to vote in. It was neat to see Ryan speak though it’s so important to get involved and find out what you believe regardless of if it’s different from my opinion. VOTE!!! :] Here are a few pics, we could see him very well in person but we couldn’t get any decent pictures because of the bright lighting and his white shirt.

Now, back to the phone call I mentioned earlier. Just as we found our seats I received a phone call from a friend of mine whom we had given Hazel to. I could barely hear because of the crowd noise but I was able to make out that Hazel had been hit by a car and was being taken to the emergency pet hospital. I had no idea what condition she was in or how severe it was. I decided to sit tight because I knew there really wasn’t anything I could do but be in the way. Luckily the event was only about 30 minutes long and the moment we got out the door we started for the pet hospital. When we arrived the Vet didn’t have high hopes for her. He said that there would only be a 25% shot of her making it after the $3000-$5000 surgery. At that point Stephannie decided the most fair thing to do for Hazel was to let her pass. I completely agreed because her body was so broken and her organs were misplaced inside of her. It was more humane to let her go peacefully. Putting a dog down is one of the hardest things you can do for a little creature you care for so much. I was glad to be near to comfort her and tell her all she meant to us. Rest in peace Hazel!

Going through something as heartbreaking as that was I just wanted Scott home. I needed him to hold me and reassure me. We had to settle for sharing tears on the phone and holding on to the fact that we would be together in 3 days. I traveled to see Scott on Thursday and spent the weekend with him. I love our time together but as always our monthly visits go by all too quickly. I came back home on Monday and celebrated my Dad’s b-day with him and my mom, at Olive Garden. It’s always nice to come home after a trip but when your hubby is hundreds of miles away it just feels like an empty house.

That Wednesday, after I returned, Scott FINALLY started his classes! He’d been waiting 2 months!!! PRAISE GOD! This is what has been holding us up and now he’s finally moving forward again!

I also made a trip to Delta on Wednesday to adopt our new doggy, Darcy. We started the process of adopting her from a rescue about 2 weeks before Hazel passed. Although the timing wasn’t ideal we decided to go through with the adoption because she was such a wonderful dog and I knew that we were capable of giving her the home and love she needed. Also, Clover had been so lonely since Hazel went to another family and we wanted to find a new addition that would fit in well with our lifestyle and family. Darcy is what they call a Catahoula cattle dog. I’d never heard of this breed before but from people I know and the research I’ve done it’s a smart, loving, gentle, and loyal breed that make great family dogs. She’s perfect for us! She’s so well behaved and we’ve had no trouble with her besides hating car rides. [haha]

Well, there it is, that was our October. Although it had a rough middle the beginning and end were great. God continues to be good even through the tough times!


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  1. Ann Maloney November 3, 2012 at 9:10 am #

    Alyssa, Wow! When you lay it all out like this, you have had a challenging month! You table and chairs loook great! You are very creative! I believe that your antique table is actually from the 1940’s. It looks very retro in your home! – Sorry for the loss of little Hazel. We loved her also! – Congratulations on you new puppy!! We’ll continue to pray for you and Scott! The way I see it, you are BOTH doing your part to serve your country! Love , in Christ Jesus, Mom

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