Mouth aches, throat aches, and scares.

30 Apr

 Jeeze, I can’t believe all the stupid health things I’ve fit in this month.

 It started out with what was supposed to be a simple gum graft procedure. The actual procedure went well but the healing was miserable. I still haven’t decided if it was a rough recovery or if the medical staff just didn’t prepare me for what was in-store. They told me that with the surgery being on a Thursday afternoon I would be completely in the clear and ready for work on Tuesday. WRONG! I was still experiencing horrible pain and constant bleeding. When I returned to the doctor that Monday to make sure things were normal they then told me that it was completely normal to be in that much pain and that I probably would need to be out of work till Friday. A full week out of work, not good news.

Now for the scare portion of this blog: When the doctor was doing the procedure he found a dark spot on the roof of my mouth and suspected it as the “c” word, cancer. You certainly never like hearing that word especially when you already hate the dentist chair and the anxiety pills haven’t yet kicked in. I asked him how certain he was and he said he was very concerned about it and he would like to have a better look when I came back for my follow up appointment. He was pretty sure we would need to remove it and have it tested. Scary. So on top of the horrible recovery the next week gave me I had the dark cloud of worry hanging above my head. I just wanted to know and I wasn’t alone in my worry. My husband, parents, and in-laws, all were concerned and wondered why the Doctor didn’t remove it right then and there. That would have made too much sense though right?! I was so blessed by all the prayer I got from everyone around me and that gave me a sense of peace.

Finally my follow up appointment came and Scott insisted on coming with me. I am blessed with a very caring and considerate husband. He gives me such comfort just by being near. When the doctor checked me out he didn’t even mention the spot. I was a little confused so I asked him if he looked at the spot. He was like “Oh, yeah let me see.” He took about 10 seconds to say, “Doesn’t look like it has grown. Probably just a mark left from having silver fillings as a kid. We’ll monitor it but I don’t think there’s anything to worry about.” First of all, PRAISE GOD! Second, thanks for the anxiety attack Doc! Oh well, that’s how those things go sometimes.

The rest of my recovery went well, stitches disolved as they should, pain finally subsided and I was able to eat! Man, I missed eating. Then as I was finishing up my antibiotics I started having really bad chest pain. Everyday the pain seemed to get worse. On the third night the pain was so horrible that we finally decided that going to the ER was the best idea because I could barely eat, drink, or breathe. When we got to the ER the wait was long and the price tag is always very high so I decided to go home and wait it out till morning. While sleeping I can’t feel the pain so we resolved to go home and get an appointment with Docs on call first thing the next morning. The doctor said the pain was due to taking the antibiotic right before laying down to bed. The pill must have stopped behind my chest and started disolving near my esophagus. This led to it burning a spot on my esophagus. Nothing to do but take anti-acids and wait 1-2 weeks till it heals.

That’s where we are. Hopefully I’ll be completely better soon. Thanks for everyone who prayed and continues to pray for my recovery. It’s been a long road that I hope ends soon.

On another note, Scott leaves in less than a week and a month for boot camp. Eek.


2 Responses to “Mouth aches, throat aches, and scares.”

  1. Ann Maloney May 1, 2012 at 7:28 am #

    Alyssa, you are a “tough chick”! You are getting through this with the help of our Lord Jesus and glorifying Him as you endure. He has said, “I will never leave you, or forsake you.” He is with you in every trial, using all things for His good!! Love, Ann

  2. Danielle Cooper May 2, 2012 at 1:09 pm #

    God is good and always works things out for His glory. I’m not sure how… all I can say is that I’m glad He’s in control, and not me. I am praying for you every day and I hope you get better soon. I love you. Let me know if you need me to bring you some soup. HA.

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