10 Jan

Yesterday I turned 23, but before I move on I need to give 22 some recognition…

I waited my whole life to be 22. It was always my lucky/ favorite number so I just couldn’t wait to be 22. When 21 came I was really excited, not for the freedom that 21 brings but because I was only a year away from my dream age. Once I turned 22 I just had an excited feeling in my heart knowing that it would be a year of big changes and many memories.

In the first month of 22 I hit my one year anniversary of working at Big League haircuts.  That was a pretty exciting milestone. I love my job and I enjoyed being able to say I’d put a full year into the business.

February and March were pretty easy going with nothing big to report on.

April was the month Scotty asked me to be his wife and we started planning our wedding.  We decided on June 22 of that same year. We both see 22 as our lucky number because that was our jersey numbers when we played basketball in high school. Also in April we took a trip to Vegas with some of our friends and had a blast unwinding before the stress of planning a wedding in only 3 months set in.

May was consumed with wedding planning, and stress, stress, and more stress. We started searching for an apartment that would allow us to keep Clover (my dog).

June is by far the best month of my life.  The wedding planning started finally coming to an end and the stress lifted from my shoulders. We found an apartment and moved majority of our stuff in and got it ready for Scott to move in once we were married. We then traveled to Wyoming on the 18th of June to get all the prewedding preparations in place before Wednesday. I became Mrs. Scott Dearborn June 22nd, 2011.  We had a small, quiet, beautiful wedding on my family ranch in Wyoming. The wedding took place by the river on our property and it was absolutely perfect! We just had our imediate families there to celebrate with us and some local friends, as well as our pastor and his wife. I couldn’t have asked for or dreamed of a better wedding. We then went on our mini honeymoon in Jackson Hole which was also perfection.

When July came we went back to Grand Junction and wrapped up the plans for our Junction wedding celebration. We celebrated with all our close friends and the family from out of town on July the 2nd. What a party! Everyone was dancing and it was such a good time. We felt blessed by all the love we were shown by our community. The day after the wedding Scott and I took off to our honeymoon in Cali. We had a blast at my aunt and uncle’s cabin in the mountains, then enjoyed our beautiful hotel by the beach in Huntington. We also hit up Disneyland and In-N-Out burger while we were there.

In August we settled into married life and started our intro into the military. Scott was still trying to decide between Army and Air Force. Finally, we realized that the Air Force would be the best fit for us with wanting a family and Scott wanting to get into Air Force intelligence.

September was a bittersweet month as we celebrated both Scott’s 22nd birthday and mourned the loss of his Grandma Jean. Whom we both adored and felt close to.

October we traveled to New Hampshire for the funeral. Although it was good to see family it was made difficult by the sad reason we were all together. New Hampshire was beautiful and I enjoyed seeing all the Dearborn family history and hearing all of Scott’s stories of coming to visit his grandparents as a kid. We will forever miss Grandma Jean. She honestly made our wedding so special and we feel so blessed that she was able to join the celebration.

In November, Scott enlisted into the Air Force and we started the waiting for a job game. We shared our first Thanksgiving as a married couple and enjoyed the time spent with family. We also added a new puppy into our home, Hazel. Puppy parenthood started for the second time for me and for the first time for Scott. Not a lot of fun sometimes but her sweet nature makes it worth the naughty moments.

As my last month of 22 rolled in we continued to wait for job placement and our patience continued to wear thin. We decorated our first married Christmas tree, sent out our first Christmas card and enjoyed our first Christmas. The last weekend of December we traveled to Denver and brought in the New Year by watching a Lakers vrs Nuggets game.

I had an amazing 22nd year and 23 has a lot to live up to! This next year will be full of even more change and lots of new memories. When we eventually figure out Scott’s job placement it will be the year we begin our Air Force journey. I’m both excited and nervous but I know God will bless us once again this coming year! He is good!


One Response to “22.”

  1. Ann Maloney January 15, 2012 at 5:33 pm #

    Alyssa, 23 will be an even more wonderful year!! You and Scott have so much to look forward to in all the years ahead!! Always keep that excitement and be thankful to our Lord Jesus for how much He loves you both!!! Love, Mom

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